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Montag, 27. Juli 2020

Mini Series IBM Agile Service Manager – part one: an overview

At #openadvice, we’re creating Service Management solutions for our customers ever since. Simply reading the product’s name - Agile Service Manager – caught our attention. Back at #ibm Think 2017, where the event was still held in Vegas, ASM was the product to watch out for at the Netcool portfolio. And it got well demonstrated by @MattDuggan and others.


But what is it all about? Well, at the very top, ASM is a highly performant and customizable visualization framework. Under the hood, it also takes care about collection the data to visualize. From an architecture perspective, it uses so-called observers, which connect to 3rd party systems to get – mostly – topological data. Whatever is collected, is posted on a #kafka bus from which microservices, like topology or search, read it. Agile Service Manager ships with plenty of out-of-the-box observers, such as #aws, #ibmcloud, #docker, #kubernetes, #appdynamics, #servicenow, #vmware and many more. If you already have Netcool Operations Insight, it also perfectly integrates with the Netcool/OMNIbus ObjectServer for deriving device states based on events.  


Back at the UI, it looks very modern and feels smooth. You can search for resources in a google-like search and have them drawn on your screen in like no time. Maybe that’s one of the reasons it received the 2019 Indigo Design Award Bronze in UX, Interface & Navigation. 


Caught your attention? Watch out for our next post, where we highlight the benefits of in detail.