Montag, 12. Oktober 2020

Netcool Operations Insight as an OCP cloud based installation

The whole world is talking about „the cloud”. And, step by step, IBM is also bringing its software systems to the cloud. This is also currently happening with Netcool Operations Insight (NOI), for which an OCP-Cloud based installation is available now. Of course, all of our customers are curious about such a solution. Nevertheless, many customers shy away from taking the leap to a Cloud outside of the own company network and want to utilize a private cloud for now. The security aspects data sovereignty and data protection play a central role in these considerations. 

After an  intensive development phase and tight cooperation with IBM we have achieved an NOI installation based on OCP on our internal vCenter platform. The process went hand in hand with a rather steep learning curve and evolved over time, so that the installation has become easier and more stable with each version. Also, the integration of the OperatorHub has brought about an additional simplification. And the online documentation of the installation process has now become more than presentable.

The intensive work with OCP has proven to us that there is a broad body of knowledge required for running and maintaining such a platform. It can be compared to getting to know and studying a new operating system. IBM supports us in building up the required knowledge with numerous tutorials on their learning platform. Our NOI on OCP installation is now running stable and smoothly and is being used for lots of customer demos. New NOI features such as the new UI, Event Analytics, ASM and RBA can therefore be presented in an optimal manner. It is always better to be able to show functionality directly as opposed to just talking about it.

With the help of this private cloud environment and the experience gained during the process of building it we are now able to advise our customers in the development and deployment of private clouds and offer a wide range of related consulting services in order to accompany our customers on their path to their own cloud deployment.

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