Montag, 16. November 2020

Throwback Thursday: Remember our old slogan “Service makes the difference”?

From Dominic Lehr

As I started at OpenAdvice in 2009, the company’s slogan used to be “service makes the difference” -  in case I got you curious,you can still see that on the wayback machine at https://t1p.de/rv4e

Today, I’d like to demonstrate our understanding of this slogan. Last week, one of our largest customers noticed an issue using any #IBM #Tivoli Network Manager UI component – nothing got rendered: No topology, no node, no nothing. After I had a closer look at this, I came to a point where I couldn’t see any issue, so I created a case at #IBM. Lucky us, they were already aware of the problem’s root cause and explained to me that some third-party library needed an updated license key. About half a day later I had a fix for it. Thru some painful uploading process, I transferred the fix at the customer’s system and addressed a change for installing it. At the day of the change, I got disappointed quite quick: After adding the fix to the installation manager, I could neither install it, nor update an existing package with the fix. Bad news… As it was still morning in Germany, I had a good chance of making it on top of some U.S. based #IBM colleagues’ mailbox. So I sent a direct mail to the head of support. While that mail was on its way, I checked the files that were shipped with the fix. Once I had it all extracted, there was only one jar file that looked like a fix. So I searched for this exact file name at the server and there we go: The same jar was located somewhere underneath the Network Manager UI web application. After replacing it and restarting the UI, the issue disappeared. 

Service for us is going the extra mile, being dedicated to what we do and never give up. Period.